AA 044: Kayleigh Christina Clark on Getting Bae to Eat Healthy, Celiac Disease, & the Root of Disordered Eating

March 20, 2017

In this episode, we interview holistic health coach and blogger Kayleigh Christina Clark! She’s the creative behind kayleighchristina.com, a total health and wellness junkie, a YouTuber, and works in admissions at High Point University. We talk about her favorite smoothies and best smoothie tips, what she looks for as an admissions counselor, and how she met her hubby, Matt. She gives her best tips on how to get your significant other to lead a healthier lifestyle! We also discuss how eating disorders are rooted in deeper personal situations, and Kayleigh shares her own story about struggling with an eating disorder. Kayleigh also shares her story of how she found out she has Celiac disease. We talk about having a realistic exercise routine, cheat meals versus treat meals, and so much more!

To learn more about Kayleigh and/or work with her, make sure you head to her website, kayleighchristina.com! You can also find her on Instagram (@kayleigh.christina), YouTube (Kayleigh Christina), Twitter (@kayleighcclark), and Snapchat (@kay_bush).

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1 hr 35 min
March 20, 2017

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