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As someone who struggled with obesity, I am so struck by Christina’s honesty and promotion of the idea that everyone needs to find their own ‘fit’ health-wise. I have started cooking instead of grabbing ‘quick’ foods, walking more, and making other lifestyle changes with Christina’s help, and I have lost 37 pounds since starting to take her advice! She is such a positive and encouraging light!

Christina is a breath of fresh air in this space. I first found her when I was struggling with my eating disorder. She was the one who made me finally decide to turn my life around. She inspired me to live. Not to just exist in a world where food and exercise controlled everything 24/7. And to this day she continues to inspire me and motivate me to be the best I can. She has truly taught me what a healthy lifestyle is.

Christina helped me learn the importance of lowering my cortisol levels and taking a realistic approach to food and exercise. Ever since I started working with Christina and incorporating her advice, my hormones have balanced out. I feel so much calmer, happier, and relaxed, and I’ve dropped the extra weight I was hanging onto. I no longer deal with an afternoon crash or late-night sugar cravings. I can’t thank Christina enough for the information she provides.

Going through my own health struggles, Christina made me feel less alone and finally understood. I’ve tried working with a lot of different people, but Christina was the first person who I felt finally got me, focused on me, and fully supported me.

Christina completely changed my relationship with food. I no longer think about it all day long. I learned to love my body and myself. I no longer feel trapped by food or exercise, and I’ve never felt better.

I spent my entire life dealing with digestive issues, and I’ve seen so many doctors to try to fix them. I had given up on things ever changing. Christina was the first person who took the time to address all of the different factors that go into having a healthy gut, and with her help, I no longer have gut problems! I didn’t think it was possible, but she has helped me get there!

Being in college and feeling insecure in my body, completely confused about navigating the wellness world, and struggling with digestion left me feeling drained. After countless trips to the doctor growing up, I was simply told it was something I would have to manage, and I was given no proper direction. After working with Christina, my stomach is more manageable and I can identify my triggers. I have lost weight and I am learning to accept my appearance. Each day I practice quieting my mind and implementing the tools she has given me. Now, I am excited to continue to care for my body as it changes over time

The more I connected with Christina the more impressed I became with her expertise. She was not simply sharing her personal experiences with me. She was sharing years of dedicated research in the spheres of digestion, hormone health, weight management, mental health, women’s reproductive health, and exercise science. Yet, she had a way of making the complex simple, always remembering my sensitivity to rules and my tendency to strive for perfection.

Each night I went to bed worried about my appearance and each morning I stared into the kitchen wondering what the “right” thing to eat was. I reached out to Christina, and I was struck by how humble she was. I immediately opened up to her about my insecurities and she greeted me from a place of love, acceptance, and understanding. I knew right away that I could trust her. Christina encouraged me to take the focus away from food. While at first the idea of letting go of control terrified me, she gave me the strength to begin to trust my own body.

I have been coached by Christina for just over a year now and, looking back, I know that I could not have arrived where I am today without her. I used to think that success stories were about reaching a finite destination: achieving a weight loss or fitness goal, overcoming anxiety, obtaining a tangible outcome, and so on. Now, I believe that success stories are measures of growth, because, really, I believe we should all be seeking progress rather than perfection.

Christina is willing to dedicate the time to figuring out protocols that are specific to me, instead of giving me a general template like most other coaches hand out. What separates Christina from other coaches is her ability to guide you to a place of learning how to be your own coach, instead of making you dependent on her. She works to strengthen you from the inside out so that your confidence grows and your struggles shrink. Christina is a coach with emotional and scientific intelligence who is passionate about helping others achieve their best lives. I cannot recommend her more.


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